Just Like Me

You could be healthy, just like me. I run three days a week and do cross-fit while I sleep. I buy organic at Whole Foods and I eat a low-glycemic, plant based/high protein diet. If you were like me, you would be healthy. It’s that easy.

You could be wealthy, just like me. I went to university for a degree. Got my MBA straight away. And now I make six-figures. Hard work was all it took. Ignore all my connections when you take a harder look. If you were like me, you would be wealthy.

You could live free of fear, just like me. I might be white, but I respect the law. I treat authority with the respect that they treat me. No hiding, just smiling. “What seems to be the problem officer?” is all I need and then I’m free to leave. If you were like me, you would be fear-free.

You could be respected, just like me. I might be a man, but I earned my place. My gender was not my saving grace. Men can get raped too, you know. Discrimination happens to white men, for sure. I respected seniority and they then gave me authority. If you were like me, you would get the respect that you expect.

You can be free from hate, just like me. I don’t flaunt my heterosexuality.  It’s really no problem if there is no PDA. Just relax. You can get married anyways. Why do you care about anything more? It’s my right to be able to abhor for any reason at all. Do what you do in private too and no one will have any reason to hate you. If you were like me, you would be free.

You can be religious, just like me. It’s really easy, you see. Just come to my institution with me and accept all that I believe. It’s not so difficult if you try to give up all the beliefs on which previously you relied. We don’t judge, I promise. I swear. If you were religious like me, then your life would be easy.


You could be tired, just like me. Tired of the lack of empathy. Tired of excuse of “self-sufficiency.” Tired of people claiming false liberty. Tired of false prophets hiding behind a distorted religiosity. Tired of discrimination being the norm of the nation.

Just tired.


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